Safe Opening Simulator

Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Moore Software Development Life simulation

A hard nut to crack! Great safe cracking puzzler!

In Safe Opening Simulator, as the name suggests your main (and mostly, only) occupation will be that of opening safes. And, how exactly will that be tackled? Well, it's done is a very specific way; you have to exploit the immediately recognizable or less so immediately recognizable vulnerabilities of the many types of saves that are included. This will be done by using the tools that the game includes and using them. The staples of safe cracking are included, from the classic stethoscope probing to the other bits and pieces that are included in it. Overall, the Safe Opening Simulator is a game that knows how to present itself, even if it is a very basic game, graphically. Sure enough Safe Cracker, a later release put a lot more color and a lot more detail into the world. However, you'll be amazed to see how these games are similar, even in spite of the many years that separate them in time. Thus, Safe Opening Simulator is an oldie, but it's totally playable and it has a lot of challenge too, while never being (almost never, truth be told, there are a few difficult safes to crack in there!) too over the top hard.

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