Hunter's Law

Simulation 1992 Dos Life simulation

Tribal survival fun

Hunter's Law is a rather bizarre life sim that plays out in similar fashion to Wolf or Lion but with a less realistic, and ultimately more fun, twist. Players take on the roles of two characters, one a scientist studying the life on a distant planet, the other the leader of a tribe down on the planet. As the scientist, you place bets on what is going on down below and watch the activities of the tribes on your monitor. You must plan your time by choosing a bet, checking out tribal activity and then starting a challenge. Control then switches to the tribal leader and here you must choose members of your pack to hunt, gather resources and fight animals as part of daily survival. As your friends complete tasks, they level up and become more skilled, while you can also expand your tribe by defeating rivals. You have to keep an eye on various stats like stamina and hunger, making this an interesting blend of strategy and action. It's not quite a classic, thanks to the addition of the scientist mode, which feels a little tacked on and unnecessary but the strategy aspect is certainly fun, thanks to its bizarre nature and good humoured outlook. There's a lot to keep you busy and it's quite compelling stuff, managing your tribe and making sure everyone is doing well. The game lacks the complexity of true real-time strategy games like Command and Conquer or life sims such as SimCity so don't expect anything approaching these classics. However, if you're looking for an entertaining little diversion, then you could do far worse than spend some time with Hunter's Law.

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