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Be a lone wolf; wildlife simulation!

In Wolf you enter the skin of a, yes, you guessed it, wolf (!), looking to survive, hunt, secure your rightful position in the pack and roam about free! It's a top down game, with alright 2D graphics, with environments that cover the woods in summer and winter, with prairie areas and more. It really is diverse in terms of looks, but as you'd imagine for a rather budget oriented title, the amount of detail in each of those habitats is not that high. But, then again, even within those rather repetitive spaces you can get your wolf to do his thing, whether it be hunting or anything else. Thus, you rarely feel like the game somehow misses something because it doesn't have thoroughly handmade areas. Nope, your wolf's instincts are put through their paces, which is what the game endeavors to simulate in the first place. Plus, you can change the settings, to bring about winter or summer or any other season and test your wolf's instincts and abilities to survive in any of those scenarios. The summer is however better looking, while winter just covers everything in white and the already lacking in detail game gets even bleaker; but it's good to have options. Anyway, download Lion as well, a simulation of a lion's life from the same developers and built around the same engine.

Outstanding, educational and original

Wolf is a simulation game released in 1994 by Sanctuary Woods, a canadian company well-known for its interactive videogames. In fact, the company's title fits perfectly for this game, because its action takes place in the woods. You play as a wolf and your main objective is to survive. You do this by keeping high its health, stamina and thirst. The control and movements are mantained by using the cursor. The wolf's incredible senses will lead you to a great and interesting exploration based on locating preys or being aware of the surroundings. In order to be more interesting, I personally preferred the 3D view, but even so, I was thankful for the attention to details and impressed by the efforts the producers spent by creating this original game. You have the possibility to set the weather conditions, seasons, the size of the world or the amount of people. I won't recommend the winter setting, because the elements in the interface are hard to distinguish and the hunting will become difficult. This game is also an educational one, because of the information you will gain about the wolves, their abilities and other facts. I appreciated this game and I recommend it for those interested in experiencing a life in the wilderness, where your instincts will keep you alive.

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