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Create your custom fish tank and fishes

El-Fish is a very cool simulation game that let's you create your own aquarium and to breed and control fishes that are in there. You can do whatever you want with your aquarium, just like you want in real life - change your tank's appearance, the type of fish to put there, the water (salty or regular and more), you can design your own fishes, which make the options quite unlimited (much like in the game SimLife, where you can also create new and fun life forms). There is not much more to do except create fishes and maintain your fish tank, but still, the designing part is the most fun part of the game, and that says a lot. It's fun to create fishes of all colors and kinds, and the results are beautiful and very satisfying. You have to be careful about the fishes you create, you don't want your fishes eating each other, do you? :) The graphics are very beautiful and detailed, albeit pretty outdated to today's standards. The game is probably best suited for kids, since it will bring them a lot joy to create cool looking and funny fishes of all kinds. Very nice!

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