Simulation 1992 Dos TransMedia Productions Life simulation

Interesting simulation of court trials

The game is an interesting and really educating simulation of the trails that take place in a courtroom. It does not focus on the career of the lawyer like in other games and is rather focused on the trail where you will play as the defendant's lawyer and will have to counter the questions of your opponent prosecutor through reasoning. When the prosecutor will ask question form different witnesses, your job will be to raise objection with reasoning that will pop up on the screen as being argumentative, irrelevant, mere hearsay and many other. You will just have to select reasoning through the key on every question and if your objection is right, your score will improve and vice versa. In case the question raised by the layer is correct or valid, you will just have to remain silent to earn points. It is not as simple as it sounds because there are many complex and interesting questions for which you will have to select the right reasoning for winning the case. It is really fun for those who have their interest in the court room procedures or in law. The user interface is well designed and the graphics are average which is acceptable for this game. Perry Mason is another game with a bit different and exciting Lawsuit adventure.

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