Sands of Fire

Simulation 1989 Dos Dosbox Three-Sixty Pacific World Wars Tank sim

Be a tank operator during the North African campaign of WWII

In Sands of Fire you will be a tank operator during the North African Missions that took place between the allied forces, of which you are a part of and the invaders. You have three main tasks: you have to operate the tank and move it around, you operate the turret and you are also the one that targets the objectives that are to be fired at. In terms of content you get three main portions: you get a training grounds course, you get a two types of tanks to choose from depending on the missions, and four tanks that belonged to the Brits. There are 6 big missions, each at the board of a single tank. The missions are very well produced; you have to consult your operation map, and then you can choose to tackle each objective as you see fit. You control the tank from all the individual positions, that of driver, commander of operation as well as the gunner. Also, you are the one that establishes the tactics formation and offers your team mates information on the objectives to tackle, the formation and so on. All in all, simulation heavy, well produced and quite fun. Play M1 Tank Platoon also, for something similar.

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