Adventure 1998 Windows ASC Games Third Person Horror Action

You are your memories

While most games concentrates on a great story, the story of this game is - that you don't know what the story is. If you like mind blowing psychological thrillers - this is the game for you. You wake up in a sanitarium with absolutetly no recollection of who you are and how you got there. Throughout the game you pick up clues and other bits and pieces that try to hint of your past and help you get the big picture of the story. The game is very serious and dark and seeps with negativity, which is accented with the dark colors and weird objects. The whole atmosphere of the game is, well, insane. You are not sure if you are real or just a figment of some crazy man's imagination. What motivates you to go on with the game is the constant yearning to find out more, the wish for more details and sense of completeness. Because, what is a man without his memory? Just a shell. This game is a must have, because there are not a lot of games that put you in this kind of state of mind, to make you think about the importance of oneself, the blessings of having to know who and what you are.. There is a very fine line between sanity and insanity and there is very little to make a person to go from one to the other. Absolutely superb. For a similar experience, try survival horror Alone in the Dark.

Must play adventure

Sanitarium is a game that will still get you today . A Great storyline, the plot thickens or may get more confusing as you continue through the game, but basically you play a man who is either going insane or is seeking some kind of closure for a dying sibling... either way it's a good few hours of entertainment and great puzzling you.

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