The Dark Half

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Symtus Third Person Horror

Cult classic for some reason but barely playable...

Let's start with the story first... Because you know you're going to have to deal with a bad game, one that will be a trudge to go through through, when, in the first few minutes a plot hole the size of a super massive black hole meets and greets you! Yep, it's there, play the first (alright not 5!) 7 to 10 minutes of the game and you'll see what I mean! Oh, but if the plot was dumb and the game was some interactive jewel, that would have redeemed it right? Well, maybe it would have, but, unfortunately, that is not the case; nope, in terms of how the game plays, interactivity and other bits considered, The Dark Half is just as boring, when not broken a game. Anyway, you're this boy with a brain tumor, and you turn out to be a writer. But, your highly polished intellectually feasible writings don't interest many, so, as a second source of income, you start writing cheapo violent stories. But this second identity has to be made public, and furthermore, the one that threatened to expose you gets into some murder shenanigans. It's a lot of moot points, a lot of ideas that were given up on the way, and so, you just get this empty, mainly, construct that doesn't go anywhere. Mechanically, the challenges are based on classic adventure puzzling, but things, like I said, often get broken and get frustrating. So, unfortunately, The Dark Half, as thrilling and as charged as it could have been, turns into this broken, lots of abandoned threads, hardship to play, game. It's still interesting as a half baked game, you know, like seeing a derelict or half built building, but it's not enough, in my view, to justify this game's cult following. But, yeah, it's the type of experience that is worth making your own mind about. As an alternative, see Shadow of the Comet or the later release, NiBiRu: Age of Secrets, lots more playable and just at twisted storywise, both of them, at times.

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