Adventure 1995 Windows Dosbox Psygnosis Third Person Horror

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A very decent adventure game with good horror

It a good point and click adventure which has a horror theme to it. The plot here is that there is a mining town which was once inhabited but is now a ghost town which was basically taken by an earthquake. The legend also has it that the town is cursed because the mine here was built on some holy place that belonged to a tribe. Well apart from the mystery and the horror, the mission that you have as a bounty hunter in the game is to search out a child which is believed to have been abducted by the monsters that live in the town. This point and click adventure is supported by a very good and interactive UI where all the aspects of the gameplay are easily manageable. The controls are crisp and the A1 is fairly balanced for a very good and thrilling adventure and gameplay. The game also gets you involved in different gun fights which are very thrilling and competitive. The graphics are fairly standard and the level designs are diverse. You will get a variety of different clue, obstacles and objects at different level and you will ultimately get to know the mystery in the town.

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