Clock Tower

Adventure 1995 Nintendo Human Entertainment Third Person Horror

A little known adventure horror

Clock Tower is a game that was made for Super Famicom in Japan. The game was never released on Super Nintendo, North American or European PAL consoles, however a few years later it was released on PC. The game is an early survival adventure horror game that predates the Resident Evil series. The PC release game has more cinematic cut scenes, however is essentially the same game. This is a rare gem for any survival horror fans, because the game has some very unique qualities to it. The game has different scenes and often changes, for every action you make their are consequences throughout the game, which therefore provides multiple endings. This was a very unique concept for its time and adds to the game's replay value. The game mainly uses various elements of psychological suspense. Rather than it being an action style suspense game, like Silent Hill 2, it is mainly about the adventure gameplay and setting the various moods. The health meter is indicated by what mood your character is in and how scared she is. When your character begins to panic, she can easily trip or fall victim to the murderous "scissorman" that is constantly stalking and trying to kill the protagonist. If your mood level gets to red, which is panic mode, your character needs to go somewhere quiet and be by herself for a few moments until she calms her nerves. This is a great game, except it is very costly and rare to find the Famicom version. Try downloading the English version instead, as it is a rare gem to play.

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