Adventure 1989 Dos Dosbox Level 9 Computing Graphical IF

Ghostly policeman's story, text adventure

A police man's job doesn't end, not even in death, it seems! Or so does this game suggests! In it you will play a ghost, of a police officer that still has some job to finish. It really is not as serious as you'd think, as you'll soon find out. Not as in, not serious, because it's written poorly, no, not that serious by design, with a few funny lines here and there that take the edge off the story and offer you the breather you need to keep playing. As I said, the writing is very textural, you get little details that add to the atmosphere and to the feeling of being there, being immersed in all of this. The beauty of Scapeghost is that it takes you a step further into that world and it makes you see it all, from a very nice perspective. The interactivity, the gameplay is achieved by classic text based puzzles. I'd say they are not the best in the world, but they are not too bad either. And so, while the story can be chilling at times, with some funny overtones, the gameplay itself, the puzzles can be a bit aggravating. Play it with a walkthrough close by to make sure you don't run into a game ending situation, or just to avoid too much aggravation. Else, download good old Sanitarium, the expert weird adventure with comic relief of a... ghastly nature!

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