Gnome Ranger

Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Level 9 Computing Humorous Graphical IF

Ingrid the klutz gnome's misadventures!

Gnome Ranger is a very sweet interactive fiction, that stars a very accident prone gnome lady, Ingrid, whom, just as in the Knight Orc game, puts a spin on the whole idea of what it takes to be a hero. Thus, Gnome Ranger is pretty sweet, pretty interesting, very well produced and well written, especially, with a tinge of humor, graphical interactive fiction. The best part of it is that it has a lot of cool moments of pure laughter inducing activities, but, after you're done playing it, you'll also become aware of some other of its less in your face ideas. Yes, a game about misadventurous gnome ladies is a vehicle for feministic talks and for other such ideas that were not quite common place in 88. Still, don't think this some feministic in your face propaganda, nope, it's a cute, well delivered story, with lots of interaction on top, which is all you can expect from a title like this. And, with that in mind, I totally recommend you give it a try, it will not let you down. Seeing the world through different creatures of fantasy eyes is a very enjoyable past time.

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