Silicon Dreams

Adventure 1986 Dos Dosbox Level 9 Computing Science Fiction Graphical IF

The electric sheep dream world trilogy!

Nope, this series of games, comprising Snowball, Return to Eden, as well as The Worm in Paradise do not follow any of the threads in the novel Do androids Dream of electric sheep, but its threads of Sci Fi and explorative narrative suggest a certain linkage, if not a direct one, at least one based on similar thoughts and ideas. At any rate, you will want to try this series if you like parser and verb/noun interfaced adventure and love a bit of out of the box Sci Fi and games that are always trying to push some boundaries, at least thematically. The entire series is helmed by Kim Kimberly, a secret agent as well as a space ship pilot. The plot will carry her in a lot of different areas of the universe, where, as in a Star Trek world, trying to find common ground with aliens of different kinds will be quite a hard thing to do. Yes, it is a game based, rather on 70s Sci Fi tropes, which might appear dated by now, but there is some beauty in looking at past works of fiction as well, especially when a good dose of interaction is added. So, yeah, mid 70s writing style, mid 80s adventure game tropes and presentation. An overall nice set of games, for oldie Sci Fi lovers.

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