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Vanilla Scrabble with a good dictionary

As the name of the game suggests, this is a very vanilla Scrabble game, without a theme about it, or some other highly specific addition. You know the game, you get, by chance tiles with letters and a board. The board has these indentations where tiles go and each indented tile on the board is worth a certain amount of points. Be smart enough to create words, as long as possible and going over the tiles that are worth the most and you win. And, what makes such a game a good one is a powerful dictionary, so that your (made up!) words will fit in there as good as possible! The social aspect of it is also important, but heck, if you can't meet your friends this oldie can be a good Scrabble practicing tool just as well. So, at any rate, Scrabble is a sweet, well produced game, 2D, readable, playable, with not too many (read that as no!) thrills or bells or whistles. Have it in your collection of timewasters and you'll never feel boredom creep on you ever again! Oh, and don't try to convince the computer that word is an actual word, it isn't!

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