Puzzle 1990 Dos Dosbox Virgin Interactive Board games Arcade style

Simple and addictive board game

It is an Othello style game with a variety of spot characters and is a very good game for board game lovers. You can find thousands of board games and every board game has its own plot and gameplay. In this game, the two players which is you and your buddy will have to occupy different tiles. The movement of your character from one tile to another what will decide the outcome of the game. You can either move a single space or can also move multiple spaces. You need to go adjacent with the character or the spot of your opponent and then all his/her pieces will become yours. The multiplayer mode is very exciting and so is the A1 which really gives a good time. The computer is very competitive and makes the right movements to pose a good challenge. The UI in the game is very user friendly and allows you to get a grip on the options. The graphics are what we call average but it is the gameplay which is really interesting and addictive. The level designs and the controls are also good and the game is both for veterans and newcomers. An alternate game which can give you the same exciting fun is Cool Spot.

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