Trivial Pursuit

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Graphically poor collection of minigames

Trivial Pursuit (Domark, 1987) is a Spanish game which, while having a few elements that are more a kin to a proper adventure game, nevertheless, under close scrutiny it is clear that it is just a collection of diverse minigames. What will prove a bit harder to forgive the game for is the very limited and often clashing colors it chooses, basic, strident colors, which make seeing the interactible elements difficult and hard o the eyes. In terms of puzzles, you get a good deal of innovative mini games, some tile arranging, some logical puzzles, and some time dependent puzzles, the ones I do not think I've seen before. The game allows you to play whatever puzzle you desire at any time, and each one has a short tutorial, to kick you right into the story without you wasting too much time. But, you will need to either make use of a Google translate feature, or make sure you get a basic understanding of Spanish. Yap, the game does not have a language change option, so you will have to improvise there. So, two problems, actually poor graphics and the language. If you can get past these, the puzzles and controls themselves are rather good. I personally just wish they looked more appealing.

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