Sea Quest

Adventure 1984 Dos Dosbox Mark Data Products Graphical IF

Undemanding ocean-base adventure

If you fancy an excursion into an old-school underwater world, then this slice of interactive fiction might just be what you're looking for. Although it lacks the sophistication and elegance of the best text adventures, like Zork or Guild of Thieves, its simplicity makes it an ideal entry point to the joys of the genre. The straightforward plot sees you taking the role of a bold underwater adventurer who does what every such character ever does, which is go looking for treasure. Of course, it's not going to be easy and as you explore the ocean depths, you'll have to contend with everything from pirates to sharks, all of which are out to get between you and your dream of untold riches. It's all pretty basic stuff to be honest, with more exploration than actual puzzling, but it's no less enjoyable for its simplicity and for newcomers, this is certainly an unthreatening option which delivers on the adventure front but without the frustrations the genre so frequently presents. There are some expectedly basic visuals to go alongside proceedings, but these are a nice touch and which help to bring the game to life, with some sparsely detailed but atmospheric environments to explore. The parser is likewise as simple as everything else, but again this is not necessarily a bad thing and it makes navigating the game world an absolute breeze. The story is straightforward enough, but strangely compelling so if you are a fan of underwater-themed adventures, then take a look at this neat little game.

Under the sea adventure, parser based; well polished

Sea Search is the kind of game that you'll absolutely love, if you like graphical IF. It's a bit about the real things that scuba divers face when descending, but from a point on it takes the chance to improvise, and create just the right kind of built to bring a bit of Sci Fi in there. The cool thing is that even if it's a graphical IF game, the undersea brings about quite a number of cool additions, in the form of sharks that you need to tackle, in text based fights (that work better than it sounds, actually!) and also, the game has a certain allure of cool production. More than anything though, it will be best appreciated by those that really love games with intricate stories that take place at sea. The verb based parser also works well enough that it never gets in the way. So, all the elements fallen into place, I can only say that Sea Search gets it done the right way: it never goes beyond its station, but it tells its undersea story nicely and has cool surprises towards the second half of the game. Pretty neat, well executed and definitely the kind of production that you can be sure you will absolutely love!

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