Guild of Thieves

Adventure 1987 Dos Dosbox Rainbird Graphical IF

Become a well rounded thief in this graphical novel adventure

Gameplay wise Guild of Thieves is a very simple choose your own adventure kind game. It could have easily worked as an interactive novel, but, to its credit it also adds a few puzzles, here and there, to keep you more invested. But, thankfully, the story is well delivered and also interesting. As the name of te game suggests, you are a thief, or more precisely, a thief learning to sharpen its skills and its repertoire. Thus, you will start out as an average pickpocket type individual who gets to be picked to be part of a larger heist. But, to get there a lot more will happen, and the decisions will be yours to make. The game is comparable to the early Kings Quest series for its simplicity and manner of immersing you int eh story, but compared to that series it is much more lighthearted, much more relaxed. In fact, some of the dialogues will downright put a smile on your face, which is quite refreshing given the break the law, no good doer type story and characters that you'll make your acquaintance with. Another plus is the graphics, which accompany the text based game which help a lot in taking you there, putting you on the spot, and they're pretty well drawn and digitized. So give Guild of Thieves a try if you love graphical text based hybrids.

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