Magnetik Tank

Puzzle 1986 Dos Dosbox Loriciels 3D Adventure style

Enthralling and challenging adventure

Anyone looking for a slightly more cerebral take on sci-fi shooters like Xenopods or Alien Breed would be well advised to check out Magnetik Tank, a surprising enthralling adventure that should keep you guessing right to the end. The game plays out in 3D isometric fashion, similar to classics like Head Over Heels and sees players controlling a tank through a series of maze-like rooms. Although you initially have little idea of what your actual goal is, a little bit of exploration starts to piece things together and as you progress through the rooms, it gradually comes together. Your tank is quite tricky to get the hang of to start with, thanks to the heavy inertia which must be compensated for and although this might prove frustrating for some, it certainly adds to the challenge. Each room contains a variety of blocks, lasers and other such devices and which must be avoided or manipulated in order to reach the multiple exits found in most rooms and thus reveal more of the mystery. The puzzles start out simple enough but soon become quite testing as extra elements are added in like the vertical dimension. Magnetik Tank really is quite an unexpected gem. Although not staggeringly original, it must be applauded for simply doing things extremely well, with a neat range of interesting puzzles and for providing plenty of opportunities for exploration. Visually, the game does a good job within the limitations of the period and is certainly atmospheric enough, but it's the highly compelling gameplay that will keep you hooked so if you're a fan of isometric classics like the The Great Escape, then this should prove interesting.

Bizarre but enjoyable little puzzler

This is a rather bizarre and definitely obscure game from French publishers Loriciels, perhaps best known for the puzzler Skweek, and for fans of all things retro and unusual, MGT makes for an intriguing experience. The game is probably best likened to other 80s classics like Sweevo's World or Alien8 and takes the form of a 3D isometric adventure with players in control of a tank. Rather than being an action game however, MGT is more of a puzzler, and players start out with no real idea of what they are actually supposed to be doing or what their quest is. However, by experimenting with the tank, you soon realise that the goal is apparently to make your way to the exit, but which is made more difficult by the presence of blocks, lasers or due to the fact that it is on another level. By manoeuvring your way through the level, manipulating the blocks and switches in the correct manner, you will finally make your way through and get one step closer to figuring out what is going on. MGT really is quite a curious little oddity, but if you enjoy brainteasers and puzzlers, then it is worthy of investigation. The graphics are simple enough, with clean uncluttered environments and chunky sprites, but it is the gameplay that is the main draw here and in this respect, MGT score reasonably highly. The puzzles on display here are quite fun to solve, requiring a logical approach in your thinking, and although they aren't overly complex or challenging, they will keep you entertained for a while. Not for action lovers, but for puzzle fans, MGT makes for an amusing diversion.

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