Kana: Little Sister

Adult 2002 Windows G-Collections Hentai Anime Bishoujo Visual novel

A very good visual novel

To begin, Kana is a visual novel (like Roseblood), not a real game. The visual novel itself is very good in its composition and detail and is very well written, but the plot is something else. It revolves around a boy Taka and his little sickly younger sister Kana and it involves the beauty of their relationship and family bonds and it probably has one of the most beautiful story a game can have. And the game is certified Hentai, which means it has sex scenes.Aside from the unusual plot, the game is very typical for a visual novel : you sit and read the story and from time to time make a decision which will determine the next course of storyline, which is vast, detailed and really well written. Because of this, the game has 6 alternate endings. The games graphics are limited to scenery pictures in the background with text written in the bottom and limited use of music, which is very good. If you don't mind the more than perverse plot line, the game is just fine. Your call.

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