Sensible Soccer 98

Sport 1997 Windows GT Interactive Soccer Tournaments

A good flick for soccer lovers

Here a great soccer game, an installment to the sensible soccer series and has somewhat the same gameplay altough in 3D. The single matches, the league mode or the championship mode in the game are equally exciting and fun to play. The most lovable thing in the game are the swift controls where you can easily go for the player which is near to the ball and steal it. The passes if executed with good timing work perfect but the top down view of the game is what hides its 3D anaminatios. Yes the graphics are 3D but they have not been effective in showing their real features. The passing and the shooting is good which keeps you interested in the game for long but I feel that the user interface is very ordinary and lacks the feel of a soccer sports game. The commentators are also not good and speak very little during the action. The level deigns are non-repetitive and you have a variety of stadiums where they are distinct color schemss and features. The player stats are also saved in the game and you can keep a record of the matches. The original installment Sensible Soccer plays in the same manner but this one is sure more fascinating.

3D gameplay attempt

Sensible Soccer 98 is one of the last Sensible Soccer series developed by Sensible Software. It is the 3D version of the series, however, it is said that it bares little relation to the other games in the series. Even though this game features 3D graphics, it is hard to tell because of the top-down view of the game. Only short replays of goals give clear indication of usage of 3D graphics. In terms of gameplay, the game feels and plays like any of the previous isntallmentst: you pass and you shoot, very simple mechanism.

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