Sensible World of Soccer

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Superb soccer sim

If you're looking for a bit of old-school soccer fun that mixes on-pitch action with managerial aspects, then this is a great bet. It offers all the detail you could hope for and combines it with some slick moves to create a highly enjoyable sports sim that is perfect for retro-heads everywhere. A variety of options are on display here, with a massive selection of teams and clubs to play as and all the major international tournaments to participate in. You also have a career mode where you can take on the role of player/manager or manager only or even as coach which allows you to sell your services to several different teams. The main gameplay is pretty simple to pick-up and which requires only a limited number of keys, making it highly accessible but which also allows for plenty of complex, context sensitive moves to be carried out with relative ease. Matches are viewed from an overhead perspective and while the game lacks the visual flash and presentation of the likes of Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA, it is fast, fluid and immense amounts of fun. The managerial aspect is equally enjoyable and doesn't let the player get bogged down in unnecessary detail, instead providing a simple, intuitive interface where you can make all the relevant decisions swiftly and without fuss. Really, Sensible World of Soccer should be played by any serious soccer fan. The level of detail on display is hugely impressive, while the action is exactly what you want in a soccer game and simply provides endless amounts of entertainment. The managerial aspect is a great addition but if you're not interested in that side of things, then you can just ignore and get on with kicking the ball around. And when it's done Sensible-style, it makes for a great game.

Both manager as well as action soccer game

Even today the blend of managerial as well as action soccer games is not that well represented. And I'm not talking about an action soccer game just having a few managerial/backseat options, I'm talking about a true combination, that gives both types of gameplay what they deserve. And guess what, Sensible World of Soccer really manages a well balanced, as well as well designed combination. So, in order to understand where the game is at, you are going to want to consider any Sensible Soccer action game, say, even the original, and then apply the same simplicity and enjoyability to the managerial part. That is right, both portion of the game are simple, comprehensive and very fun to play. So, you're going to ask, how does the live play, the action game, does not become more important than the managerial portion? Well, quite nicely, in that, the options that you choose while managing, the players you buy or sell, and your pep talking and training will have a definitive effect on your team play. That is right, you can seriously handicap your team if you are not playing both portions seriously, so that definitely works as a recipe. The reverse is true as well, you gotta perform good in the action game to have your managerial side brought out into the open.

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