Seven Kingdoms Conquest

Strategy 2008 Windows DreamCatcher interactive Empire management Organized forces Real time

Keep walking on by

The Seven Kingdoms series managed to knock out a few installments, including The Fryhtan Wars, but it's a bit surprising consider that, the original apart, none of them are actually very good. They're all real time strategy games, a sort of dark fantasy take on Command & Conquer or KKND, but lack any features that make them stand out. This one is the last entry to date and focuses on two races, the humans and the Demons, and offers campaigns for each of them, with the Demons fighting to free their Master and the humans struggling to hold them back. The campaigns take place at various points in our own history and stretch into the future too, with battles taking place in numerous locales. Each race is split into separate realms and has distinct factions within the overall group. The focus here is different from other such games, with little in the way of construction and micromanagement and more attention paid to the combat. For the most part, this is a pretty ropy entry into what is a very crowded genre, and which makes it a hard game to recommend. It doesn't get off to a great start, with the visuals being fairly middle-of-the road, but things don't improve much as you progress. There isn't much in the way of story to get into, while the combat suffers from numerous balance issues, while level design isn't exactly inspiring, and helps to give the game a feeling of being unfinished. There are plenty of technical issues too, such as glitches and bugs and while there's a lot of challenge here, it's just not enough to recommend this over other games.

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