Seven Kingdoms 2: The Fryhtan Wars

Strategy 1999 Windows Enlight Interactive Fantasy Real time

A '99 neat RTS

This Real-Time Strategy game released in 1999 by Ubisoft is the direct sequel of Seven Kingdoms I and it is a economy-military balancing type of game. The major focus of this game are the Frythans, fantasy-like beasts found often at odds against the humans. The Frythans depend on conquering human to establish their "life force" in order to breed more Frythans. There are 12 human civilizations and 7 Frythan species within the game, the humans focusing on population, diplomacy and economy whilst the Frythans focus on military, with a simplistic economy and no diplomacy or espionage. The game benefits of the espionage feature (also a major factor) that can be used to steal technology, cause disloyalty or to assassinate leaders. The human's primary economic income source are the markets used to trade various amounts of resources. The human population may be subdivided for various tasks (to produce food, to build, to research, to spy, to work in mines and factories or to conscript into the army). There is an annual fee associated to units and buildings additional to the production fee, which affects the health of the units and deteriorates buildings if the gold goes negative. The natural resources are scattered all across the map and they consist of iron, cooper and clay, processed in Ironware, Cooperware respectively Pottery. The game benefits of single-player (skirmish battles, built-in scenarios and dynamically-generated campaign scenarios) and also of multiplayer gameplay. The graphics are alright and can be compared to the graphics of Stronghold Crusader. Overall, this game is fun to play and you shouldn't miss playing it if your an RTS freak.

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