Shadow Warrior

Action 1997 Dos Dosbox GT Interactive Oriental Shooter

Interesting locations and intelligent enemies

Shadow Warrior is a 1997 action game that is perfect for those that are fascinated by the ninja warriors. And to make them happier, this game similar to Duke Nukem 3D gives them the opportunity to play as this kind of fighter, named Lo Wang. The story has two episodes, and in every episode you must save the world from the Zilla's evil plans. The first episode starts with your character's desire for revenge, and from here, you will get used with the fighting options and possibilities. This game is not that easy, because as you advance, you will discover how powerful is your enemy and you difficult it is to defeat him. The action takes place in a land that combines both China and Japan, and you will explore pretty interesting locations, like airports, military ships, and many other places dominated by a wrecked ambiance. And for an extra excitement, you will be able to drive various vehicles and even boats. Your enemies are intelligent, proving their exceptional combat skills, and their strategic abilities in catching you without expecting it. You won't be very attracted by the graphics, but the general feeling this game offers you will maintain your interest for playing it. So, give it a try!

Originality and gameplay

This game has everything you could want, originality, gameplay and beautifully presented graphics although they are not as advanced as our current pc games they hold that attractiveness that noone can pass, the game has everything, it pushed the build engine far beyond its original capabilitys you have vehicles, turrets, weapons, melee, flying, powers everything get the game its a must for all vintage collectors you can pick it up of 3D realms for a small 10 dollars it comes in a collectible box a must for the archive

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