Electro Man

Action 1992 Dos Dosbox Epic MegaGames Platformer

Platformer with the accent on puzzling

Electro Man is a nice looking platformer with a look that seems to suggest that the action is happening in some sort of laboratory or in a setting artificially created. But, your robot protagonist feels just home in this environment, and therefore, you won't feel as if there's a disconnect there. The graphics look like a combination of 8 bit with 16 bit, although they lean more onto a late era 8 bit look more. This means lots of static sceneries, a few movable pieces of platforming surfaces, and overall, a simple, straightforward left to right game, with the occasional item based puzzle. You will however get access to more complicated puzzles later on, so don't feel that the beginning portion is all the game has to offer. The challenges will increase in difficulty later on, so just push on. The scenery also get a bit more diverse, though, still, it still keeps its blocky, robot like feel, even when depicting vegetation or other outside areas. But, for what is worth, the game manages a good balance of diversity, platforming and puzzles to keep you playing if you are a fan of the genre.

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