Shogi Variants

Strategy 1998 Windows Steve Evans Board games

As the name states, shogi variants galore!

Shogi is an old game from Japan that shares ideas with Chess but is never as immersive or as fully developed as that one. It is a game that works great, a game that is really interesting, mostly because it packs many different versions of the game, the basic game, and thus, you are never bored with the vanilla shogi. Overall, the game is also well packaged, as it shares the same design values as Win 3x, the OS that it was meant to be played in. So, here's the best way to play it: install it in a Win 3.1, installed in DosBox; you might play it in a virtual Win 95 box as well, but the thing is that you will run into fewer issues if you play the game in DosBox, plus, it is also much easier to get at, because the game doesn't need to be played full screen. So, there are a few version of shogi in there for everyone, for sure, and thus, Shogi Variants will offer you a good variety. And, if you know how Win 3.1 looked like, the game will feel alright, plus, it can be controlled with just the mouse which is a thing that you can't always count on with games this old. Alternatively see a Go game for good measure.

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