Shogi Master

Strategy 1991 Dos Ishi Press International Board games

Chess like strategy sim

Shogi Master is a game that allows you to learn, get better and even become very good at the prototypical game of Shogi, an older, less complicated version of chess. While this tabletop shares a few of its general rules with the later developed chess game, however it has its own set of rules and its own set of strategies and tactics that lead to a win. Therefore, if you have never tried this game before, this can be a good chance to learn it, and, as I mentioned, become better at it. Graphically, the game looks good enough. There is a bit of a problem to be considered, as the game uses pieces that depict Chinese symbols on them, and therefore, due to the lower resolution, you might have a harder time recognizing them. But, with minimal effort and after a while in the game, you will no longer feel like you do not get the basics. Quite on the contrary, you will begin to sink into it, and learn more and more. So, given the scarcity of Shogi computer sims, this 91 game can prove to be a very god tutorial/adversary for you to learn and keep your skills high for this particular game. I do find it sufficiently well done to be worth using regularly even today.

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