Army Men RTS

Strategy 2002 Windows 3DO Company Organized forces Board games War Action Real time Modern

Take your green army men out for a field trip!

We've all played with the miniature PVC soldiers when we were young. They were nice fodder for our young minds to build all sort of childish games. However, us adults (yeah, right!) like a more dense playing field, with more concrete playing rules. And, in a sense, Army Men is exactly that. It is an RTS game where the units and buildings are all made of the green plastic. So that we can take our green men fantasies a step closer to reality, even now after so many years. The game's rules are similar to those of much more serious strategy games such as Command &Conquer, though, the green men sure make each conflict more interesting and lively. In terms of overall complexity, the game is not the hardest, quite on the contrary. It will make sense in a way that might even make you want to try out some other, more intricate strategies, as the rules, the maps and the overall action makes sense immediately. To win you will have to make use of a combination of units and mount attacks that are both strategically and tactically sound. So, I would recommend this game to RTS enthusiasts as well as t those new to the genre, as its core simplicity makes it a great RTS learning tool.

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