Go Simulator

Strategy 1992 Dos Dosbox Ishi Press International Board games

Go, the Japanese strategy game supreme, executed beautifully

All you could ask of a top down, highly playable Go game is included in this Ishi Press developed game. Naturally, while you care that the AI is well developed and it can scale to different difficulty levels, another thing that you care for is that the game will be beautifully rendered, that it will offer you a smart and cozy visual experience. And, you can be sure, it does so. Because Go Simulator is a game that had its nailed down to keeping things simple and in not trying to take itself too far, add some excessive graphical theme or anything of that matter. Nope, all that Go Simulator is, is a Go Simulator! And that is all that is needed. The table is slean, it's got its stripes and a dark yellow, brown paper like play surface and black and white pellets for units. That's it. And that's all you want! And so, if you crave Go, and want to try some title to run in your DosBox, here it is - a game that will make the most out of itself, that will play fantastically and that will just gets in there, as it needs and as it should. Beautiful and well playable! Download the beautiful Many Faces of Go too if this one won't ply itself on your soul.

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