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Sega's epic space game

Zaxxon was a Sega cult classic, with so many variations of the game and ports with too many to even mention. It was a classic at the arcade, on the Atari, Colecovision, Sega Master System, PC etc. The game reminds me of a scene from Star Wars for some reason, which may have attributed to it's popularity in the 80's. There were even board games made by Sega for the game which goes to show the game's popularity. The version that has always stuck in my head most is the Zaxxon 3D version on the Sega Master System with the 3d glasses. There is a 3-D handheld version that is actually far ahead of it's time if ever you get the privilege to play, but I believe they are very hard to get and costly (yes even on Ebay). The game essentially revolves around an arcade style flying game that has dimension, unlike Space Invaders games. You get power ups and have to doge walls and other traps. It is quite an action packed game, however it may not pass as a 3D game by many standards today and can get fairly repetitive after 5 mintues. Zaxxon was an era in Sega's history, that just screams 80's when everything cool was aimed at being space themed, futuristic and 3D.

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