Silent Hill 3

Adventure 2003 Windows Konami Science Fiction Puzzle based

Welcome to a horrifying and mysterious world!

Silent Hill 3 is a survival horror game released in 2004, that involves a lot of exploration and puzzle-solving. The Silent Hill series are popular for their huge amount of creepy moments, desolate scenery, and dark atmosphere, so the fans will be scared and kept in suspense by this third game, for sure! You control Heather, a teenage girl that suddenly finds herself trapped in a town called Silent Hill, whose environment recreates a land worthy of a horror movie. Heather hears voices, footsteps, the walls are getting darker, the blood rises from everything, and soon, she will face the danger maintained by the presence of nasty an terrifying creatures. Silent Hill 3 is very similar to the second game of the series, from the gameplay and graphics points of view. You have to defend yourself from many monsters that lurk around every corner, and to solve various captivating and mysterious quests in order to evade from the nightmare. Each aspect is extremely well implemented, with high dedication for the visual effects, sounds, and the general gameplay. The story is very interesting, and SH 3 is more combat-oriented, bringing more locations, scarier creatures, and a wilder ambiance. There is no game out there that can surpass the huge amount of gore and blood. And I have to confess something: Silent Hill is the only game I played with the lights on, and this is not because I couldn't see my keyboard buttons!

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