Realms of The Haunting

Adventure 1997 Dos Dosbox Gremlin Interactive Horror Action based Action Fpp

The game that inspired St. Vincent!

Realms of The Haunting is an adventure game, a dark and twisty one, that follows on the idea that it should offer you this beautiful dream world, and then twist and bend it, until what was once beautiful and well crafted, can be corrupted, and this corruption is based around on the idea of one's psyche getting in the way of that individual getting the best of himself. However, closer to the surface, Realms of The Haunting is a classic game, and a pretty great and satisfying one, giving you a pretty good view into a very different and very beautiful world. But, more than anything, Realms of The Haunting is a great puzzler game, with beautiful and very personal puzzle games, and with adventure staples of the point and click build, and overall, Realms of The Haunting will keep you interested if you like the sweet era of experimental mid 90s games. So, overall, Realms of The Haunting, while not as dark or as twisted as Resident Evil 2 is still worthy of being played, so have it in your collection. It will definitely not disappoint!

Great horror game

If you love horror games, and if you like the occult elements in the games, you will be thrilled, because this game has both elements, and is a great one. We have a haunted house, a psychic woman, a battle of good against evil. The seemingly typical storyline of a haunted house is a lot more than it seems, and my opinion is that the deep story is probably the best feature of this game. The game is a combination of a first-person shooter game with a point and click adventure from the first person perspective, all in fantastic graphics. You have to explore the haunted house, discover a lot of paranormal mysteries and fight demons that attack you. There are also a lot of puzzles to solve. The game has it all. The game's graphics are really good and the FMV sequences are fantastic and very realistic, much better than the 1997 average. The game has a lot of violence, so it's not for smaller children. It's like playing Doom, but in a different environment and a lot more mystery. The game's sound effects are not as good as the visual ones, but the games is still very realistic and scary, too. If you liked games like Alone in the Dark or Blade Runner, you'll be in love with this game. Two thumbs up!

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