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An admirable realization of Infogrames

Silver is a 1999 role-playing game set in the Medieval Ages. You are a hero who receives the mission to save some kidnapped women. You will be captivated by the story, and you will need to follow it, as the game has a linear progress. I warn you that this game has the main purpose to never let you relax and take a deep breath, as you will always be involved in dynamic missions. Most of all, you will have to defend yourself from dangers and to eliminate enemies. Speaking of battles, you will have to click repeatedly in hand-to-hand combats (using your sword), and use magic in fights taken at distance. These battles are similar to another fantastic and famous RPG. Every inconvenient aspect that you will probably find in this game (such as the almost stupid AI or the mediocre replayability), will be cancelled by the wonderful graphics, voice acting, and ambiental sound effects, that will surely make you speechless. Also, the most attractive things in Silver remain the magic, the sparkles, the flames, and the entire collection of items that characterize the fighting scenes and not only. Play this admirable realization of Infogrames! It's not an exceptional production, but I am sure that its chances to survive in this industry are high.

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