Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol

RPG 1998 Windows IPC Software Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons

Nothing to do with TLOTR

Different than the name suggests, this game has nothing to do with Tolkien and the Lord of the Rings, but is set in the world of its own, the Mordor dungeons. The game is pretty old, but by it's great graphics, easy and interesting gameplay and entertainment value, it can still compare with today's shiny high resolution graphics RPG's. The game has a very user friendly interface and easy to understand gameplay, so you won't spend the next two hours figuring out what does what. Dungeons and dragons lovers will like that the game is faithful to the character creation from the game, and maybe they will like that there are a few original classes and races. The game takes care of the character stats, you choose your alignment (Good, Neutral, Evil)and go! The game is extremely detailed, with tons of monsters and spells and various things to do. It will take you months to finish it properly. The graphics are not insanely good, but when did that matter when the rest of the game is so epic? They do the job just fine. If you like fantasy RPG games that will occupy you for months, maybe years, and are in for a spectacular gaming experience, this is the game to go for. Or go play Diablo. Your choice.

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