Lands of Lore 3

RPG 1999 Windows Electronic Arts Fantasy Dungeons and Dragons Role playing Fpp

A beautiful dark fantasy RPG

Lands of Lore 3 continues the saga of the series, and, most notably it introduces true 3D environments in the mix, while it still makes good use of the classic sprites (but not often) for some of the enemies. It's a third person, fully 3D game, at times even more of an action blend than a role player, but, don't worry, you do have to grow your protagonist, and you are dependent on the loot and the XP that you need to generate to gain levels. It's a story in the same vein as the other games in the series, but it's more notable for taking a lesser importance in the overall game. Nope, Lands of Lore 3 does not really take story as seriously, but it's a vast game; loads of levels, loads of weapons, loads of spells and loads of treasure to hoard! It's a blend that veers towards the action, but it does so in a very nice, well organized manner, what is sure to keep anyone and everyone interested, especially when it comes to the action. Other RPG elements that are fully featured are yet again the ones that take their cues from the action portion. Most of the guilds are all about action, the clerics, the fighter, the thieves guild and so on; So, if you want action, Lands of Lore 3 will deliver by the bucketful, dressed well in RPG clothes.

A decent RPG, a lot of cliches

Lands of Lore 3 is the third game in the Lands of Lore game series and one of the many RPG games that have roamed the gaming world in the nineties. It is set after the events of the second game, Guardians of Destiny, and is set around an adventurer called Copper, who has had his soul torn out of his body. He is now in search of his soul and to settle the evil rumors that have been set against him and save the world from an usurper who is trying to steal the throne that is rightfully his. The plot may be a bit cheesy and typical for this kind of game, but hopefully, the gameplay will convince you to keep playing. The gameplay is also fairly typical, a standard hack and slash gaming (like Diablo) with both weapons and magic attacks. There are magical items to be acquired and guild to join if you will it. The game is played from a fist person perspective and the graphics are very good and detailed, far better than those in Diablo. While not revolutionary and full of cliches, the game is still a solid good RPG game that will keep you occupied for a long time. Pretty good!

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