Ultima 8

RPG 1994 Dos Dosbox ORIGIN Systems Fantasy Third Person

Part of the Ultima universe

Ultima 8 is the second to last game in the Ultima game empire and is a part of the third trilogy, also called the Age of Armageddon. The Avatar, the main protagonist of the game, is banished from to the world of Pagan after the events of previous episode, Ultima 7, and that is a world of eternal twilight and a very dark and cruel world. To get back home to Earth, ha has to follow the way of the Titans, become a Titan himself and defeat the Titans on their own turf, thus helping the people of Pagan. The game is an excellent continuation of a long series and feature all great RPG elements - necromancers, wizards and monsters. This game is a lot darker than the rest of the series, which I actually like. The game has a very interesting plot, but what brought it down is the bugs that are a result of releasing the game way too soon. Otherwise, the game follows the gameplay from the other games in the series, without many changes, except minor improvement in the graphics department. Ultima fans will go crazy about this game, while new players will find themselves lost in the story and I suggest to them that they go from the start. There is not much to say - Ultima is a legendary fantasy RPG series and all fantasy lovers should know about this game and play it. It almost a thing of common knowledge. After this game, you should finish the series with its finale, Ultima 9.

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