SimCity 4

Simulation 2003 Windows ak tronic Software & Services Trade or management City simulation Building

Create the world of your dreams!

Sim City 4 is a 2003 strategy simulator game, published by Electronic Arts, and developed by Maxis Software. Maxis is well-known for producing one of the best-selling computer games of all time, The Sims. Sim City allows you to create a powerful metropole, that can be surrounded by rural or luxurious areas. The landscape includes mountains, valleys, plant forests, oceans, farms, and so forth. No matter if you have experience in developing a virtual city, or not, Sim City 4 offers you unlimited opportunities and possibilities to create the world of your dreams. Whenever there occurs a problem (such as a building fire, traffic blockings or anything that threatens the safety of your sims ), the firetrucks and other agents will appear immediately in order to save the day. A good management of your city is also based on connecting with other metropoles. It is your choice how the gameplay progresses, depending on your efforts and care. Speaking of traffic, in order to avoid problems concerning the transportation, you can build bus stations, train stations, sea ports, airports, metro stations and highways. Create a wealthy city, feel the vibe of the world where your sims are growing properly (or not), being happy and giving birth to other generations, with this exciting and remarkable game!

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