SimCity 3000

Simulation 1999 Windows Electronic Arts Business City simulation Building

Modern, complex but highly playable city builder

There were a few other EA games that tackled city building and planning before this one, but certainly, Sim City 3000 is the one that brought the genre into modernity. It sported a great looking interface, simple to navigate. Just click with your mouse on the right hand button bar, choose your tool or your type of construction and then go to work! Ergonomic at every step of the way, the game never encumbers you with choices that do not bring value to the game world. It instead manages to bring in just enough buildings and structures, for instance that you never feel like you cannot produce the type of overarching design you wanted, while at the same time, taking the economical approach. Also, in terms of style, you get a modern feel for any city you build. Of course, calamities can be brought forth on the city, to bring you extra challenge, and you have to worry about the satisfaction of your inhabitants and many other economic aspects. Therefore, whether you are in for a quick session of city planning or want to dig deeper at optimizing any of your cities, Sim City 3000 will allow you to do that, with style, a modern set of tools and a nice, well balanced graphics array conducive to great sessions.

Take care of your city

Sim City 3000 is a great successor to the great game Sim City 2000 and brings lots of changes and new elements into play. The game still features advisors and even a ticker, which gives information about the city, like the city need more schools. The rules of the game, however, remain the same: you slowly build up your city, ensure to have electricity, water and working places for you citizens and, well, taking care of the city. The graphics and sound are improved in this game for the better. Overall, Sim City 3000 is another great game in the series and let's hope that the latest Sim City that will be released next year will not be a disappointment.

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