SimCity Classic

Simulation 1994 Dos Maxis Software Business City simulation Building

Sim City in old school style

We all know about the SimCity franchise for years now, but not many people know about SimCity classic. This is a Windows 3.x version of the original game, where you can experience the same city building and management, old school style. You have to build a city, keep it alive and prospering, just like in any other SimCity game. You have to take care that the city has all that its occupants need, including hospitals, schools, fire deparments, stores and so on. The good thing is that it is still the same SimCity game that we all love and adore, but the problem might be that the game is not challenging enough. Once you get the knack of it, there is not much more to do than maintain the game's status quo and also, the win condition is not specified, so you don't know what to do to actually finish the game. As a Windows 3.x game, the game is in 16 colors, very simple, yet it is good enough for your needs. Overall the game is a good SimCity version, but maybe you should stick to the newer games, like SimCity 2000.

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