SimCity Graphics Set 1: Ancient Cities

Simulation 1990 Dos Maxis Software City simulation

Sim City 1 tile addon for ancient looking cities

Ancient Cities is a graphical enhancement for the first Sim City game, adding the ability to build cities that look like Ancient Asia, medieval Europe and the America of the Wild West. Thus, your ability to enjoy the game increases exponentially with this pack, as it contains a lot more tile sets, both for the buildings as well as for the grounds and for the roads. Thus, you can create theme cities in whichever of these styles, or you can go and build a city with all of these tile sets, creating something of a unique esthetic look. Other than that, the core functionality of the original game is not changed, you still have to build your city keeping in mind that its inhabitants require both production facilities as well as parks, as well as residential spaces, and so much more. The new graphical sets do not alter these fundamentals of the series, so you can enjoy the same gameplay style as before, only that now the new buildings will be inhabited by people of the époque. So, if you liked the original Sim City give this addon a go, it really makes for some much well received variety.

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