Simulation 1995 Windows Maxis Software Business City simulation

SimCity, only in a smaller scale

Sim Town is something like SimCity for dummies and is perfect for absolute beginners in those kinds of games. You start with nothing - just a patch of ground, and from there, you use the tools that you have in your very easy to use interface to build and manage your own town. You can create streets, houses, parks and businesses and then control and manage the life in that town, including the population that lives there. The main objective is to keep the population happy, so you have to keep their water supply active and running, crops and trees maintained and cultivated and much, much more. The vast options and reality of the game can definitely put you glued to the screen for hours on end. The graphics, while pretty simple, are very nice and tasteful, and best feature of the game is probably the very simple, yet effective interface that makes your job a lot easier. If you don't feel you're up to much more complicated games like Yoot Tower, this game will be a great gaming exercise. Have fun :)

A classic game

Sim town is a classic game that can keep even the person with the most limited amount of Sims experiance entertained for hours. up there with games like Simcity, The Sims and Sim tower.For even beter gameplay look for the more recent versions of sim town, though this one is best for begginers as it takes you through, step by step where as the more later versions just throw you into the world that is Sim town. That entire part before hand is compeltley made up but i needed to make the work limit, so peace out!!! :)

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