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One small ant can make a difference!

Have you ever wondered how does an ant's life look like? How do they create those huge ant holes and what makes them so complex? Well, Sim Ant kind of answers your question. This ant life simulation game centers around ants and their lives. You are just a small ant in a huge colony of black ants that is in a huge war against the ferocious red ants. Who is going to win? Well, your job is to spread throughout the garden, into the house, and finally to drive out the red ants and human owners. Forget zombies, we are talking about an ant apocalypse! Depending on the game mode, you must either build a colony that is faster and better than the red ant's one or start with an already existing colony. You control one ant at a time and constantly attack the red ants all the while collecting supplies and enlarging your colony. The game's addictiveness level is extremely hard to explain. I mean, we're talking about ants.. Yet, the game is extremely consuming, interesting and fun. It's like battling a huge battle in a very small scale! It makes one think what are all those ants we see every day really doing with their lives.. When you combine this with the awesome graphics and sound effects, it's no wonder the game won a "Best simulation game award" back in 1992. Sim lovers, beware! You are about to play a game that will certainly take away your lives and you won't ever look at another ant in the same way, promise! In any case, a fantastic and fun game. Have fun!

Ant simulation

SimAnt, a ancient relic from the creators of SPORE, is actually quite a fun game. You get to dig anthills, forage for food and store it in the base, and fight against the red ants. SimAnt is quite a fun game, however, there are some major shortfalls. Probably the first thing you'll notice is the graphics; they aren't half bad for the time, but everything ingame jumps from tile to tile. Animation smoothness is almost non-existant. A more game affecting shortfall is the fact that once you start building a larger "empire" in the yard, you begin to have less and less control over the black ant nation, the game ending much sooner than expected. However, it is a fun little game to play, and I do suggest trying it out.If I remember correctly, I beat this game in roughly 45 minutes after downloading it. Too short for it's level of innovation.

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