Stunt Island

Simulation 1992 Dos Dosbox Walt Disney Design Tool Civil flight Action Historical

Original and creative flying game

For a neat twist on the flying sim genre and a change from the usual combat-heavy games like SU-27 Flanker, Stunt Island makes for an original and enjoyable experience that is perfect for both budding film makers and aviation buffs alike. The game presents gamers with their own island to play with and which is populated with various film sets, ranging from an oil rig, to a city and even an aircraft carrier. The general goal is simply to design and complete various stunt-based movies using the vary array of aircraft available to you. To enhance the challenge and entertainment value, players can also place numerous objects, including cameras and props at specific locations in the set, while setting triggers to start actions like camera pans. However, if you don't want to go to the bother of designing your own stunts, you can ask the Stunt Co-ordinator to plan one for you. If you manage to successfully complete your task, you can then go the editing room to cut all your footage together and make your masterpiece, complete with sound effects from the included library. Stunt Island really is a joy from start to finish. It is a game which encourages creativity in the player and which presents ample opportunity to do so, through its many sets, aircraft and stunt options, which combine to offer a massive range of outcomes. Graphics and sound are decent enough, while the various aircraft all handle differently and which present their own unique challenges. This is a game which doesn't really have an ending, thanks to its open ended nature, so it's one you will return to time and time again just to try out something new.

A flight sim with an interesting premise

Stunt Island will immediately stand out from other flight sims mostly because of how it is presented. This is no Red Baron, so no military missions are involved. You are in charge of flying planes and choreographing their trajectories so that they look good on camera. That's right, this is a flight sim in a Hollywood like setting. During the missions you will be involved in a large number of different scenarios, each one asking of you to perform aerial stunts, to follow looser or stricter patterns through the air. Depending on how well you do you will unlock further missions and go on to try out other planes. The sets are quite diverse, featuring cities, oil rigs, canyons and many more others. When you won't be flying you can pick the position of camera, the way props are arranged and so on. The game is pretty interesting and diverse but also challenging controls wise: for certain stunts to be performed properly you will need to have a good joystick. So, for flight sim enthusiasts this can be a really good game to try out.

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