SimIsle: Missions in the Rainforest

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An obscure little sim game for the anal sim forager

SimIsle: Missions in the Rainforest is by no means a broken game. However its appeal will be very limited. The game only seems to elicit the interest of someone who must try all the Maxis Sim games, for some reason or another. This particular strategy game is going to play just as SimEarth, however, the scale is much smaller.You will be able to build and to take care of a sprawling rainforest environment. Of course, when you're dabbling in such a delicate ecosystem, you have to make sure that the changes and the options that you choose will not negatively impact the region, as a decision you make now will have dire repercussion if it is not properly balanced. Even Maxis creator, Will Wright must have felt that the game was rather missing content, it didn't really have any particular appeal. I mean, after all, a rainforest ecosystem will very much just mind its own. Therefore, to avoid utter boredom side missions were included. These were played somewhat like quests, or like puzzle games, as you had to find new species of plants or animals, or you had to insure that the conditions for a plant or animal were adequate. Therefore, the game was rather weird to play, the tools at your disposal seemed a little out of line with what the game demanded of you. So, only and only if you must try them all go for SimIsle: Missions in the Rainforest, otherwise, this will feel mostly like a waste of time.

Another Sim by Maxis

Simisle holds a place next to other more obscure SimCity offshoot games such as SimFarm and SimEarth as one of the best of its class. Here you can build an economic powerhouse by tearing the island apart and putting the native population to work or you can give earth a little love by sending agents on missions to find rare animals and help save the rainforest.

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