Simulation 1994 Windows Maxis Software Trade or management Design Tool

Addictive building management sim

An intriguing little spin off from the hugely successful SimCity series, SimTower is very different from its cousins, but presents an experience that is likely to split gamers into two camps. On the one hand there are those who will enjoy its open-ended nature and addictive qualities, while others will find its slow pace frustrating. Gameplay wise, SimTower follows the general idea of earlier games but, as the name suggests, focuses on building and maintaining a tower block, with the ultimate aim of creating a five-star skyscraper. As ever, players must place facilities such as restaurants, gyms and office space while doing their very best to keep their tenants' stress levels down. To keep you on your toes, random events like terrorist attacks, VIP visits or the discovery of hitherto unsuspected gold pop every fairly regularly and which all require careful consideration to deal with in the best way. SimTower maintains the series' sense of accomplishment, and it as satisfying as ever to watch your building become ever more successful and your tenants ever happier. The game's non-linear nature encourages different approaches and strategies, adding to its replay value and while the graphics are nothing spectacular, this can certainly be overlooked. However, a slightly bigger problem which may prove off-putting for many, is the game's slow pace, with a lot of waiting around for resources to build up before you can actually do anything. If you have the patience though, this is a rewarding and addictive little management sim.

A great building management game

This is a very nice little Sims like game in which you must build a tower, inhabitate it, and take care of all there is about managing a building. The game is insanely dynamic, there is always something going on and there is just so much to to. There are even disasters that occur when living in a normal building - I mean, which building game has a roach infestation as part of a game? The game is very original and thought out very well. The point of the game is to make as big highscore as possible, and of course, to keep your occupants pleased. Graphically, the game is not such a pretty sight, but the complexity of the game and the addictiveness easily make up for it. There is no music in this game, only game sounds that are okay, but nothing special. This game is perfect for life simulation lovers, building management lovers and all lovers of a great game. And you should definitely check out Yoot Tower, a fantastic sequel to this great game.

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