Simulation 1998 Windows Maxis Software Life simulation

Bland and uninteresting safari sim

Another in the long line of Sim games from Maxis, SimSafari makes for an ideal introduction to the city building series for younger gamers, given its relative simplicity and educational overtones. This one is pretty much identical to SimPark, with the exception that it is set in Africa rather than the US, and requires players to construct and successfully manage a safari park. A variety of buildings and animals are available for budding environmentalists, but watch out for natural disasters that can wipe everything out in a heartbeat. While SimSafari could have been an interesting addition to the series, for most gamers this will be a fairly dull experience. Beyond placing animals and buildings, there is little else to the gameplay, with none of the complexity or options associated with similar games. The difficulty is also set very low so creating the ultimate park is extremely easy, reducing the game's longevity and appeal even further. The 2D graphics are simple and clean, but nothing spectacular, while the interface is straightforward and easy to pick up, aimed at younger audiences as the game is. Ultimately, SimSafari is little more than an amusing but short-lived diversion and quickly becomes tedious due to its lack of depth. While it should be applauded for its educational intent, it's just a shame it couldn't have been a bit more fun to play. Definitely one for younger gamers only.

Sim game for kids

Much like in the game Sim Farm your job here is to build a safari camp and populate it with animals of your choice. The game is primarily fitted for children, since it has extremely easy gameplay. There is nothing to do but to see a property or building that is offered to you, buy it and place it in a spot you arranged for it. Same with the animals. That is all there really is to the game. You also start with a ridiculously high amount of money, so losing is practically not possible. I think this game is more for smaller kids to imagine they are buying animals they would like to have it they really had a safari. So, comparing to other sim games, like SimTower or Sim City, this game is just a walk in the park, a toy for kids. The graphics are high detailed and very good and the animation is superb. The African tribal music is a great addition for the game's safari atmosphere. A great game for kids to have fun and maybe learn something about managing money or differentiating animals and how they sound.

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