Simulation 1996 Windows Maxis Software Trade or management Nature simulation

Create your own park, animals and all!

Like in Sim Farm, you are in charge of creating and managing you own park, and you start from scratch. You are presented with an empty terrain, and you have to decorate it at your discretion with plants and animals. What is special is that you have to take weather and climate condition into account when you do this, for this will be influence on which plant species will grow and which animals will live there. After that, you can get on the job of putting various stands and other objects. These are the basics, and the rest is up to you do to as you please. Much like the game Sim Town, the game is pretty much oriented toward children players, since the game is very simple, easy and direct, so the player doesn't get lost in various controls and options. For a 1996 game, the graphics are very nice, and the isometric view of your terrain is both effective and practical. SimPark will be a great game for a kid gamer that wants to learn about plant and animal life, or a casual player that wants a light simulation game. Very good!

It's your park!

There are multiple choices for the location of your park, all based on the weather conditions of different areas of the continental US. Where you decide to place your park impacts the different species of plants and animals that can live there. Just the variety of plants and animals available is phenomenal, and each one has spectacular illustrations. After the plants and animals are secure, you can begin building human structures like tents and hot dog stands and water fountains. Trash cans and trails keep them from littering and getting lost. Unless you want them to litter and get lost, it's your park.

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