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Unoriginal but addictive puzzler

Following the global success of Tetris, it seemed everyone had their own spin on the puzzle genre, with dozens of variations and clones appearing almost overnight. Brix is practically a clone of Taito's Puzznic, and while somewhat unoriginal, it is an intriguing and moderately addictive little puzzler. As with the best such games, the concept is simple: players must match bricks sharing the same symbol in order to make them disappear, with the aim of clearing a level within the time limit. Starting out easy enough, things get more difficult fairly rapidly, with more bricks adding to the pressure and requiring fast thinking. As you progress, extra elements are added to further enhance the challenge, including lasers, acid, teleporters, and gravity. While not staggeringly original, being the clone that it is, Brix is certainly an agreeable and fun little time-waster, sharing some of the addictive qualities of Tetris or Columns, the classics of the genre. Graphics are of course basic, but this is one game which doesn't require visual flash, instead relying on its compelling sense of challenge to draw players in. If you're into puzzlers rather than action games, then this is worth checking out.

A mind boggling puzzle game

Brix is a puzzle mind teaser game that is very simple in its gameplay but hard to master and it should be said that it's actually a clone of Taito's Puzznic and follows its gameplay and even design almost identically. You are presented a few bricks with different pictures in them. The point is to put two or more bricks with the same image on them together for them to dissapear - the point is to clear all the bricks, and you are on a timer. As the game progresses and get harder and harder, the number of bricks also increases and you have to think quick as a rabbit because you don't get extra time. The game is very addictive and interesting, as with most puzzle games. The game has a very cool futuristic designs and great texture of the bricks, and the game's soundtrack is very soothing for the nerves, giving you a sense of relaxation while playing. If you're into logical puzzle games, this might be the game for you. For other fun logical games, try Logical.

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