Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004

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This is the age of the train!

The Trainz series of train simulators is a surprisingly extensive one which offers railroad fans another digital way to enjoy their pastime and which should be part of any collection which also includes Railroad Tycoon. This 2004 edition is actually one of the best installments so if you have any interest in such things, this is definitely worth checking out. The game itself is a 3D simulator which takes you from the golden age of steam all the way up to the modern era, and which charges you with the efficient movement of goods around the country. You're in charge of pretty much everything, from giving orders to drivers, to what goods to move, how many passengers to take on, and everything in between. There's a wide range of classic and modern trains to make use of, while there's even an editor to make your own tracks and even a custom scripter so you can create your own rules for your world. There's a realistic physics engine too, so everything feels about as close to the real world as possible, and really, this is just about the perfect digital train set. Although many will scoff at such a game, if you enjoy the intricacies of controlling a massive network of trains, then this is about as good as it gets. The sheer range of trains on offer here gives the game an instant appeal, while the amount of things to do and take charge of means that you're unlikely to get bored. The controls are intuitive and there's a great sense of depth to everything, while on top of everything you have the editor, so really this is a near perfect train game.

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